A Home Health Day

    A growing number of us on the team have participated in the weekly development and keeping of good habits lately. We started our most recent stint a few weeks ago with a walking/ step goal, followed by removing snacks, soda, and beer from our diet, followed by a goal of drinking the recommended amount of water per day. we’ve been stumped as to what our next weekly “challenge” should be.

    Thinking about my morning routine, or lack there of, we’ve decided to create a morning check-list and stick to it – the most successful people in the world stick to a strict morning routine that creates a preparedness for the day ahead. The great thing about this is that it can be whatever you want, it doesn’t have to feel limiting.

    During my mess of a morning routine this morning I found myself taking the time to unscrew the drain plug from the bathtub that was backing up with water and performing the gag-tastic task of removing my hair to allow the water to drain. It was in that moment that I realized I didn’t need a mental health day to get stuff done, I needed a home health day (well, maybe there is some cross over there)

    Either way, my list of home maintenance has seemed to stack up quickly in a busy season of life and I’m feeling buried. So maybe my morning routine is just as much for my house as it is for me. I need to include things like, remove 10 weeds from the garden and count that as my morning meditation. Bending over digging hair out of the drain might be as good of a stretch as I would get from yoga. Replacing the home water filter might be as refreshing as circular breathing for 10 minutes.

    So, if your home had a mental health day to use, what would it look like? What is it that’s falling apart, not working as well as it could that you seem to just deal with instead of taking care of the problem?

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