An Example of the Decisions Made While Building a Home

    Every once in awhile I like to go through the whole process and really assess current trends and what buyers in Rochester are wanting in new homes today.  Building a model home has challenges when it comes to picking out the details.  Will a buyer really want this feature?  Are they going to be willing to pay more for it?  Most buyers do not understand why it would be a big deal when it may only cost a few hundred more dollars but a few hundred here and a few hundred there turn into thousands.  Then, maybe if they are not aware of the differences and what they cost, they may choose another model home that is “cheaper.”  I am inclined to believe that today’s buyer IS interested and willing to pay for those upgrades and features.  It doesn’t seem to be all about the square footage anymore.  What do you think?

    I read this article on choosing the right kitchen sink today and it reminded me of all of the details that go into building a new home.  I would love to know what appeals to you!

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