Buying New Construction Homes

    “Wouldn’t it be exciting to move into a new constructed home? You could infuse it with your own style since it’s never been lived in by anyone but you. And it’s likely to be up-to-date in terms of all of the electronic and technical specifications that you’re seeking in your new home

    . But how do you buy a new construction home? Aren’t they expensive? And how do you even find out about them before they’re getting sold to someone else? As it turns out, you just need to do some research into buying a new construction home and the process isn’t that difficult at all.

    Here’s what you need to know to buy a new construction home:

    • The home is going to need to have a home inspection done. Many people don’t realize this. They think that a new constructed home is being overseen by the builders and that an inspection is part of the deal but that’s not the case. You’ll need to get a home inspection done before you buy it, and you should try to get payment for that worked into the contract of buying the home so that you don’t have to foot the bill.
    • You can buy a new construction home with plans to sell it but you shouldn’t look for an immediate turnaround sale. You should plan to live in your new construction home for awhile or to rent it out because it’s likely to be worth more down the line than it is now. You aren’t going to be able to do a lot of fix-up on a new construction home to increase its value.
    • You can make choices in the design of the home. For people who are planning to live in the new home, this is a great feature of new construction homes. You can make choices about many different features of the home such as exterior design or lighting fixture selections.
    • You should work with a realtor. Many people try to buy a new construction home without a realtor because they feel like they’re working with professionals (the people who are developing the area). But you should have someone on your side who can advice you about buying a new construction home. That person is your realtor. Make sure to choose one that is familiar with the geographic area in which you want to buy and who has experience in new construction home buying.
    • New construction homes meet specifications that old homes might not. There are all sorts of specifications to keep you safe from natural disasters and other home issues. While older homes should be renovated to meet these specifications, you’re more assured that they are met when you buy a new construction home. You can also get some perks of technology such as cable routing. Additionally, any appliances that come with a new construction home will be up to new standards.

    There are a number of great reasons to move into a new construction home, starting with the fact that it will really feel like a place that is all yours. But you should do your legwork to make sure that you find the new construction home that is right for you and that it meets all of the needs that you have.”


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