Cleaning your Coils is Cool!

    Ask anyone who has access to my calendar and the running joke has been one task in particular that daily gets moved forward, avoided, and dodged by me.

    I’ve been meaning for weeks now to clean my refrigerator coils.  I’m usually pretty good about doing things if I put them on my calendar, but this task has seemed to large and unwieldy.  My hope was to document my experience cleaning the refrigerator coils to show you all how important it is

    Just this week Beth told me about how they had to replace an expensive part of the refrigerator that could have been avoided had the maintenance been a priority, but honestly who wants to pull this gigantic machine out of it’s preformed space in the kitchen just to clean some junky coils you don’t even see?

    I’m bound and determined to share the experience with you all, but in the mean time I think, as motivation for us all, you should take a look at this article.

    A new energy efficiency standard must be met my manufacturers that we will be picking up the tab for this new standards with an increase by 5%-6% of the sales price.  Now the hope is the savings will be paid back with how efficiently they run, however the cost of a fridge breakdown is increasing.

    Personally I’m saving up for a vacation this winter as opposed to a new refrigerator, so is that motivation enough to do some maintenance that could prolong the life of your refrigerator a significant amount?

    Never done it? Here’s a “how to” manual for you:

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