Home Maintenance List for June

    With the warm weather finally here in Rochester MN, most of us are turning our attention to the work that needs to be done outside the home. But before you turn your attention completely to the outside, there are still a few tasks that need to be done in June inside the home. Use the following checklist to get those chores done!

    • Clean out the lint build up from inside the dryer vent. Specifically in the area from the dryer drum to where the air is vented to the outside. Consult your dryer owner’s manual or look online, if you have any questions at all about cleaning out the dryer vent.

    • Repair or replace any broken or ripped screens from windows. Take down any exterior storm windows that need to be stored for the season. Take note of any cracks or holes and fill with caulk.

    Replace batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.  Also check and inspect all fire extinguishers. If you can afford it, consider hiring a service to maintain your fire extinguishers for you, and call them in to start this month.

    • Shut down furnace for the season. If you are not comfortable shutting down your furnace, you can just turn your thermostat to its lowest setting. Or consider calling a local furnace profession to help you turn off the gas supply and turning down the pilot light.

    • Store your winter clothes. With your basement all cleaned up, consider getting a few cheap rubbermaid containers for the storage of your winter clothes. Extra large yard/trash bags work great in place of garment bags. Just tape up the bottom so no clothes is exposed.

    • Clean up neglected areas. Spend some time cleaning hidden areas like basement stairs, basements, coat closets, porches and other area that don’t get cleaned regularly as part of your cleaning schedule.
    It’s a good bet that you’re not going to want to spend a lot of time in the house during the month of June, but by focusing on this June Home Maintenance Checklist early you’ll have the rest of the month to get outside and enjoy the warm weather.


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