Living in a Green House


    Is your home environmentally friendly? According to, only about 27% of Americans recycle. It is looked upon as inconvenient, space hogging, and ridiculously confusing. Fortunately, Recycling isn’t the only thing you can do to be environmental in your home.

    One really great thing you can do is buy a reusable water bottle instead of using a plastic one. You will not only be a responsible American for being kind to our earth, but you will save buckets of money! Did you know that making water bottles requires oil and that oil used to make water bottles every year could fuel 1 million vehicles? If you want to learn more about the life of water bottles check out this amazing video made by (

    Do you have computers in your house? Most of us do. You should definitely make sure that before your head hits the pillow every night, shut down your computer. Shutting down your computer is something so simple but has a huge impact. When my family and I started to shut our computers down every night, we saved more than $20 on our electricity bill! It also is super beneficial to the life of your computer!

    Are lots clothes hanging in your closet that you don’t wear because you don’t like them anymore? You might be thinking, how are clothes bad for the environment? The answer is clothes aren’t bad for the environment. However, if you aren’t wearing some of the clothes you own, you could donate them to a local goodwill or savers. Reusing your clothes can be both green and positive for the economy.

    My last idea for you to be environmentally friendly in your home is to prevent energy leaks in your home. Heating and cooling can add up to be half of your electricity bill so why not be efficient? Things like insulating your home and sealing ducts will help fix energy leaks. For more information about sealing ducts and other energy saving tips at

    So what do you think? If you love saving money, helping the economy, and saving the world, you should start making environmentally friendly decisions in your home.

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