Moving is Easy Peasy!

    Everyday in my job I help our buyers and sellers with the moving process. I send tips on hiring movers, when to start packing, transferring utilities and, well, you get the point; basically everything that goes along with buying or selling a home.
    So when my family recently sold our house, bought a new home, and were faced with the task of moving homes (no less, closing on both the same day) I thought to myself ” easy-peasy, I got this, I know what needs to be done.”  Needless to say, I learned moving is anything but easy!
    Here are the five biggest tips I learned from our move:
    1. Declutter your home prior to listing it. You have to pack up all your items eventually, so why not start before you put it on the market and let your house shine! We rented a storage unit which made it easy to begin packing and removing items from the home we didn’t need for the next couple of months. I believe this made a big impact on how our house showed to potential buyers and as a bonus got us a head start on the packing process.
    2. Don’t Procrastinate. I have always been a procrastinator and I applied that same spirit to some aspects our move. We waited a bit too long to reserve the moving truck of our choice and under-estimated how long packing certain areas, like the garage, may take.  Looking back, I realize procrastinating on some of this probably caused us more stress than necessary and could have been avoided.
    3. Have a plan for how you will pack and label your moving boxes. As you pack up your home, think about where the items will go in your new home and how those helping you move, will be able to get those boxes where you want them. This is one mistake we made. We packed and labeled boxes based on where things were located in our current home. For example we had boxes labeled “hall closet,” library,”and my favorite “junk”.  When our movers were unloading, it was pretty hard for them to find the library in the new house when we didn’t have one or know where the box labeled “junk” was to go.
    4.  Plan for the unexpected. When moving day arrived I had a plan in my head of how the day would go, the timeline of events, and it was all going to work out great!  Except, I didn’t plan for the movers get stuck at the job prior and show up five hours late thus, causing my perfect plan to be thrown out the window. Plan for hiccups in the move, unexpected challenges, and that things may not go exactly as planned.  In the end, it will all work out.
    5.  Don’t forget about your pets. We forgot about one of the most important members of our family; our dog. As the movers rushed around carrying boxes , I fearfully waited for her to get under their feet, tripping them and the contents of the box to go flying everywhere. All the commotion was also a bit stressful for her as well! Plan for your pet to go to a family/friends house or consider boarding them for the day.
    While I can now tell you that moving is not “easy-peasy”, I can also tell you that it is definitely worth it. I have gained a new perspective and appreciation for what our buyers and sellers face as they plan for their move. The craziness of our move is fading into a distant memory and everyday I fall more in love with our new home and would do it all over again!
    Jill Becker
    Transaction Coordinator

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