Stereotypes of Halloween

    We’re preparing for halloween this week and thought we’d share some tricks and treats we learned to create a safe and fun trick-or-treat experiences.

    1. Optimize your lighting. Since your front yard will be getting more foot traffic than usual on Halloween, it’s important to make sure your guests can see so they don’t take a tumble. If you don’t have any exterior lights over your front door, consider adding a few lanterns along your walkway so you don’t have children falling down in your yard.

    2. Kid-proof the porch If you have any delicate ornaments, flowerpots or statues around your front door, relocate them until November. That way, they can’t be damaged if that cute little mummy trips on his or her costume.
    3. Buy plenty of candy. Nothing squashes a child’s hopes and dreams like knocking on a door that doesn’t have any candy left. To ensure the survival of youthful happiness in your neighborhood – buy plenty of candy.
    4. Wear a costume. It’s not as bad as running out of candy, but answering the door on Halloween wearing a sweater and jeans is kind of a buzz-kill for the kids. Even if you put it together in five minutes, a costume is always a good idea!
    5. Curb your dog. Chances are your pooch is friendly. But if some Halloween costumes are so convincing as to be frightening to small children, those same getups could be equally disturbing to your pup — particularly on such a high-energy night.It’s good sense to contain your dog in an indoor space that’s both comfortable and secure. A festive parade of goblins and ghouls, princesses and superheroes will soon be marching to your house.


    Not handing out candy this year, but hitting up the party scene? Watch out for these Goons. The 6 people you’ll meet at every party is good for a chuckle each halloween!

    #1 the person who doesn’t dress up, but still claims they’re wearing a costume, it just doesn’t require a costume

    #2 The person whose costume severely prevents basic movement: easy to avoid as they’re stuck in a corner or can’t get up.

    #3The Hater: This person wears the same costume every year – if they wear one at all.

    #4 The Guy in Drag: They usually think it’s the funniest thing every to be dressed as a woman

    #5 The Etsy or Pinterest Fan: A costume that’s completely handmade and the effort must be explained

    #6 The Method Actor: This person won’t break costume for anything. They ARE their character.

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