Styling your Home for Sale and Presentation

    Here are some vital tips for presenting your Rochester MN home for sale.

    1. De-clutter your living spaces. Start first on the kitchen area. Clear all clutter on bench tops,window sills and clean all surfaces. All papers,bills,debris, file neatly away.

    MOTTO: When in doubt – chuck it out!  Or at least store it away!

    2. Re-arrange living room for a good spacial flow & layout. Any pictures on walls should be placed at eye level and curb all the personal pics and effects scattered throughout.

    Minimalism is best as most potential buyers can’t imagine themselves living in that space with your accumulated clutter.

    3. Add some bright funky cushions to your existing sofas to modernize and enhance the setting and place a nice rug under the coffee table (maybe shagpile or something contemporary ) to complete and define the living area.

    Lighting is paramount for ambiance, so include a modern standard lamp or side table and lamp.

    Accessories and modern art play a huge role in creating the ‘wow’ factor and clever use of colour is most important.

    These are the important factors which brings it all together.

    4. Beds should be dressed up  with modern duvets/plump pillows/valances/ cushions/bedside cabinets and stylish lamps. These don’t have to be expensive-go for style.

    5.Bathroom: Add soap pumps/quality towels and choose colours to co-ordinate the existing.theme.

    6. Don’t forget the entrance area. This is the first introduction to your home. Add a hall table with a floral arrangement or maybe a candleabra with canvas artwork above. (Abstracts work well in most settings.)

    When having an open  home – make sure you have some music playing in the background. Light jazz works well or easy listening classics. This helps curb the awkward silences and helps people to linger longer to create a ‘connection’ with prospective buyers.

    If you feel you are out of your comfort zone in acheiving this, then call a Home Staging Professional.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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