The Winds of Winter

    You might wonder what a whistle and an ice scraper have in common. The answer to that is they both belong in an emergency car kit. If you’re reading this, then you’ve survived your first snow driving experience (or maybe you had the luxury of staying in on our first light dusting of snow.) Rest assured, I’m sure we’ll have more winter weather situations for you to enjoy dodging inexperienced drivers with, but sometimes it’s not their fault – So here is a reminder to find an emergency car kit at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, among many other businesses. Creating your own is also a thrifty option that may be fun for the whole family to be a part of.
    “To Winterize” is defined as preparing something for winter. Do you have anything to prepare for winter? Do you know how to winterize those things properly? Generally the first item that comes to mind is a vehicle. Other common things people winterize are their homes, rv’s, camper, pool, garage, windows, boat, and the list goes on…. some more uncommon things not always thought of first are your lawn and garden, lawnmowers, gas cans, home exterior, driveways and if you live in a rural area you might find yourself winterizing the barn, pipes, tractors, irrigations systems and even animals. By doing this task it may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and it may save a life. What could be more important than that?
    Check out this resource for building a kit:

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