Useful Tips for Home Buyers!


    1) Know Your Budget Avoid the frustration of spending days looking at homes that are $50,000 over your price range. Begin the process by talking with a mortgage loan officer to determine your mortgage limits and the best mortgage for your situation. The time you take at this step will save you countless hours later.

    2) Know Your Housing Needs Before you start looking, make a list of your requirements. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Garage space? Amenities such as air conditioning or fireplace? Schools? Area of town? Knowing what you need before you start your search will save you tons of time and energy.

    3) Research the Neighborhood Once you find the home that meets your needs, get the facts about the neighborhood. You may wish to talk to neighbors, check with the police department, and visit the neighborhood at various times of the day.

    4) Limit the Amount of Advice Once you’ve found that perfect house, you’ll probably want to ask everyone you know what they think of it. Don’t do it! Your home is a personal choice, not a group project. If you need support, ask one or two qualified, objective people who can give you an honest opinion.

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